West& My Surprise 25th Birthday Celebration

I turned 25 August 29, 2013 and my surprise party was epic! I am so grateful to have such amazing friends, a loving mother, and my love Yinka, to have show me how much fun it is to reach a quarter-century! It’s not easy to surprise me because I normally spoil it in somehow, but they got me. I had no idea. It was such a monumental occasion. I can be so hard on myself as result of not being complacent with where I am in life; however, I was reminded how blessed I am for what I’ve already accomplished and I’m lucky to have an unparallel support system.  A lot of my goals and dreams are also starting to come into fruition and God is constantly unveiling his plans for me. Thank you to everyone involved in coordinating my surprise and attending. Your presence was crucial in making it such a success and so sentimental. I laughed, danced and cried and was because of all of you, so I thank you from the bottom of heart. Terry, Yinka and HOS I love you guys so much and I’m forever grateful for you guys outdoing yourself and I’m so appreciative. It’s our year! Special thank you to Dex R. Jones for capturing all my wonderful BDAY images. 25 is going to be a great year for me and I urge you all to continue to follow and support my journey.

-J. West

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